Located in Arusha National Park, Mount Meru (4566 m) is a volcano and the second highest mountain in Tanzania. Its slopes rise up at incredibly steep angles. It is partially shattered, as its east face was blasted away during an eruption at some point in its past. Though Meru's summit is rocky and barren, its slopes are highly fertile, with many streams and thick forests. There is an exceptional view of the collapsed crater from the summit. The presence of an armed ranger is necessary due to the abundance of wildlife (elephants, buffalo ...).
Momella / Miriakamba Hut

You will meet your team at Momella gate (1500m) and cross Ngare Nanyuki River. You will then progress under ‘Fig Tree Arch’, before reaching the Maio Falls. Little over an hour is then needed to reach Kitoto Camp, which has a panoramic view over Arusha National Park, the famous Momella lakes, and, in the distance, Kilimanjaro. Continue walking for an hour to reach Miriakamba Hut (2500m). The trek covers 10 km and takes about 4 ½ hours.

Miriakamba Hut / Saddle Hut
After a hearty breakfast, set off for the Saddle Hut refuge (3750m) across tropical vegetation. The path climbs steeply up between the trees reaching Topela Mbogo (Buffalo swamp) and then Mgongo Wa Tembo (Elephant ridge). From the top of Elephant ridge there are great views down into the crater. Continue up the path to Saddle Hut between the slopes of Meru and the smaller peak of little Meru. Today covers 4 km and takes around 2 ½ hours.
Saddle Hut / Sommeit / Momella Gate
4 ½ hour walk to summit (5 km), then 4 hours (9 km) to Momella gate. Very early start heading towards Rhino Point. The temperature begins to drop at this altitude. After moving along a narrow ridge and going over several ledges we reach the summit. (4566m) in time to see the sun rising behind Kilimanjaro. The descent follows the same route, which is populated by elephants, buffalo, giraffes and zebra – do not distance yourself from the armed ranger. Return to Momella Gate for the final part of the trek.