This is the most beautiful route, but its stages are a little longer. Due to the change in altitude, good physical condition is indispensable. To take of account of altitude problems, the ascension takes place over 6 days, which includes a day of acclimatisation at the foot of Mawenzi. The descent from the summit takes another route, the Mweka route.
Arusha / Machame Camp
You will meet the team at Machame Gate. Depart for Machame's Chagga village (1500 m) and trek for 4 to 5 hours across a dense forest made up of rubber plants and giant ferns, until we reach the Machame camp at 3000m.

Machame Camp / Shira Camp
We continue the ascension via a steep ridge, across a savannah of tall herbs and volcanic rock. The path crosses terrain which includes lava, caves and streams. This path leads towards Shira plateau. After a trek of 5 hours, you will reach the camp at 3800 m.

Shira / Barranco Camp
The glacier is just above us. Today is a necessary day of acclimatisation which conditions and prepares us for the final ascent. A trek that takes around 3 to 4 hours leads us to Lava Tower, situated at 4570 m, before we descend to reach Barranco camp at an altitude of 3950 m, on the edge of a massive canyon.

Barranco / Barafu Camp
This is the desert zone. We have a lunch break in the Karanga valley. On the right is the majestic Mawenzi. After 5 hours' trekking, we reach the Barafu camp at 4600m.

Barafu / Uhuru Peak / Mweka
After a short night, we depart at 1a.m. under a starry sky for the final ascent. We reach the foot of the Ratzel and Rebman glaciers via a steep and snaking path. After a trek of 6 hours we emerge out on to the crater edge between the Stella and Hans Meyer tips, then across a snowy rim to reach the 'roof of Africa' at 5895 m in time to watch the sun rise. Rest at the peak with a light meal followed by the descent via Barafu to reach Mweka at 3000m.

Mweka / Arusha
An easy descent down to the foot of Kilimanjaro to arrive at Mweka Gate, where you will be met by your driver and taken back to Arusha.